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Alex and Gi


  Doctor Kustom was born of the desire of the Brazilian family, Alex, Gi  to present and share the flavors of Brazilian cuisine for Tulsa. And besides good Brazilian food, the couple also make handmade, custom-made leather accessories.


  The universe of Brazilian gastronomy fascinates us and we hope you enjoy it to.


In 2013 I bought a motorcycle. I wanted leather accessories and I couldn't find them the way I wanted, so I decided to make them myself. First I made them just for myself, but then people started becoming interested. From there on my hobby had turnd into a business. In Brazil I ended up building 2 motorcycles all by hand. In 2016 me and my family moved here to America, I continued to develope my passion for culinary during this time, and built another motorcycle here. In 2018 I decided I wanted to sell my food, show the flavors from our country to the people, so I started to build a food trailer all by hand with the help of my family. After about a year and 3 months the food trailer was ready for business, May 25, 2019 was the first day of Doctor Kustom Foods. From there on we had a great beginning people loved our food, with the food trailer we went to multiple places like Cityplex Towers, Guthrie Green, and others, but our home was at Dead Armadillo Brewery. During our time with the food trailer we were invited to many things, such as one of them being in the Kitchen 66 TakeOver Cafe at Mother Road Market. everytime we appeared there people loved us and it was super packed. Then 2020 happened, a lot of places closed and were truly struggling, but we decided to take the right precautions and continue to stay open. Even though to was a hard time we got through it. Because of covid a lot of places were changing and so was Mother Road Market. Some spots started appearing at Mother Road Market and we ended up getting invited to be a part of Mother Road Market and have our own restaurant inside their food hall. Thats how we got here to where we are today. 

Thanking for the amazing support from my wife and my daughters.

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